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Alta Langa


Dolcetto d'Alba Bio

Vineyard with a strong personality, which can not handle excessive heat...

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Langhe Doc Rosso

The structure of a great wine, the patience of waiting 18 months before stepping in...

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Vino Rosè

The crushed grapes are divided from their peel, leaving the characteristic pink colour...

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Langhe Doc Arneis

Is born from the indigenous wine purely grown on calcareous soils with sandstone...

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Canonica Vini



Eredi Canonica Comm. Cesare winery, located in the green Alta Langa's heart, Torre Bormida town, was founded in the 30s by Arnaldo, the grandfather. My father Cesare took over in 1960 and through commitment and passion he maintained the tradition of producing wine with grapes coming from characteristic teraces in this prestigious Langa land of ours.

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Canonica from Torre Bormida