Thanks to passion and hard work, the Winery has been recognised for its elegance and its wines' flavour.

The list of awards


Langhe Doc Rosato Birbetta 2014  |  Douja d’Or 2015
Langhe Doc Rosato Birbetta 2015  |  Douja d’Or 2016
Dolcetto D’Alba Doc surì BIO 2013  |  Douja d’Or 2014
Dolcetto D’Alba Doc surì BIO 2015  |  Douja d’Or 2016
Langhe doc Nebbiolo BIO 2011  |  Douja d’Or 2013
Langhe doc Nebbiolo BIO 2013  |  Douja d’Or 2015
Langhe doc Nebbiolo BIO 2015  |  Douja d’Or 2017


Our Dolcetto "dei terrazzamenti" becomes "Presidio Slow Food": It is not a denomination but a prestigious acknowledgment designed to exalt and defend a nice product with particular characteristics and environmental implications.