A bit of History...

· Canonica Vini ·

  • the ’30s

    The work history of Canonica Family begins: in an area full of farmers' traditions as the Alta Langa is, my grandfather Armando founded the Canonica company, only a little shop at first.
  • 1964

    My father Cesare took the lead, he has been the real soul of corporate changing: he completely restored the videyards with effort and passion, maintaining the tradition of producing wine with the best grapes coming from the typical terracing of Langa.
  • the ’80s - ’90s

    With effort and dedication Cesare Canonica and his family carried the company forward, cultivating both Red and White wines.
  • 1995

    Structural rebuilding of the company and the production's machinery.
  • 1996

    Assignment to the comm.Cesare Canonica of the prestigious prize, conferred by the Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo, to fidelity, to work and to economic progress.
  • 2001

    It begins the conversion of our vineyards to Biological until the year 2005, when the certified organic farming company is born. A great challenge won by my dad, Cesare (a historical Mayor and administrator for 50 years) who strongly wanted to believe in the potential of his territory, for years massacred and denigrated because of the sad story of the Acna of Cengio, but now, after the land reclamation, reborn and not only, also capable of adhering to natural cultivations like the organic ones. With this goal, my Dad was an example, as an entrepreneur and as a director, of the great courage that only the men from Langa are capable to bring out in the most difficult situations.
  • 2011

    Our daughter Ludovica is born, and Lorenzo dedicates her the precious Red grapes bearing her name.
  • 2016

    The terraces where our vineyards are located become "Presidio Slow Food", created to enhance the work of winegrowers, to safeguard the cultivation of the vine on terraces and to support the economy of a depressed and difficult-to-manage area. An initiative stemming from the will to protect a specificity of our territory that could be lost. The objective is to link the protection of the territory to a product that has always been cultivated in our area.
  • Today

    Strongly rooted in our history, with the same passion and dedication, we carry with immense gratitude the legacy of my dad, Cesare, great man, a man of another time in his behaviour, but always looking to the future. He always bet and for all his life he has invested in his beloved Langa land; his commitment and his capability have been rewarded with many awards and public thanks for the constant commitment to the development of the Alta Langa.