The years of
our Winery

The Winery produces wine from its own grapes, coming from the organically farmed agricultural property (certified by EcoGruppo Italia), and from selected grapes , coming from specific areas of Langhe and Monferrato

Organic Growing

Agricultural businesses, that produce grapes for our Winery, use vineyard-cultivation systems with low per ectar production yields: manual harvests and grapes-transport within the day, in order to preserve their purity and freshness.
It is neither a technical nor an economic choice: this is a cultural choice, a matter of passion and respect. Environmental sustainability, preservation of biodiversity, respect for the land and its memory, have always been our guidelines for vineyards' cultivation; use of pesticide, herbicides and chemical fertilisers are not part of local tradition, and we decided to adapt to our past customs.
T he processing is carried out in Winery, through the maintainance of vineyards' scents, rational fermentations at controlled temperatures

and an aware deployment of woods for ageing, until the in-bottle maturing.

This is a challenging path, but "natural" for us, with the enthusiasm of creating an unadulterated wine, always elegant and smiley.

Emanuela & Lorenzo

Your passion and your precious teachings guide us...